Why Hencofloor?

  • Comfortable heat
  • Healthy air
  • No invasion of space
  • Energy efficient and economical
  • Unlimited choice of floor coverings
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compatible with any source of energy
  • Suitable for any area
  • Suitable for any building
  • A top quality product in every respect

Service and guarantee


Hencofloor offers the professional support of its experienced engineering team.

10-year guarantee

Henco has been tested and certified by more than 50 internationally renowned certification bodies. Hencofloor offers a 10 year system guarantee.


Other applications

  • Ceiling and/or floor cooling
  • Wall heating
  • Sport floors
  • Heating of football pitches
  • Heating of access roads
  • Skiing and ice skating arena
  • Industrial underfloor heating systems
  • Concrete centre activation

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